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Polyester filled big pillow with zippers.

4 950 Ft item

Polyester filled big pillow, with bamboo lines sewn in the cover. The pillow makes sure you will get a comfortable sleep during the night, because the pillow supports your head. The product is perfect for people who have allergies, or who are sensitive to dust mites. It is ideal for preventing mushrooms colonization. Because of hollow structure its has...

14 000 Ft item

The Aloe Vera is sewn into the pillows cover material, which gives a relaxing felling and warm felling. The aloe vera is a skin protective, preserving and moisturizing plant. The pillow can be washed on 40C in washing machine.

5 980 Ft item

From the medisan family a big pillow, its speciality is that it can be washed on 95 C and it is a polyester product. The material is a flexible polyester line, it is perfect for patient care or for purposes where special hygiene is required.

7 200 Ft item
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