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Roller pillow with synthetic filling. The filling is komforell balls - polyester balls, which prevents the pillow from getting lumpy, after wash you just shake it and it will return to normal size. The product is acceptable choice for allergic people.

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Collar pillow, with synthetic filling. The anatomical pillows have a special shaping for comfortable feel for the head, so the neck and back muscles will be in perfect resting position during the sleep. It is available only for ordering!

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Anatomical product with memory foam. The memory pillows are made of from special foams created by the NASA, which will return to its original size after every use. Its unique form provide a comfortable and light keep for the head and spine. The cover of the pillow is made with Aloe Vera plant.

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Anatomical pillow which relaxes the rigid neck and shoulder muscles. If you sleep on your side the spine will stay straight. If you sleep on your back the spine will keep its natural position. The pillow is recommended to people who snore, have spine damage, neck problems or headache.

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Memory travel pillow from Naturtex. Makes long journeys comfortable and pleasent, suitable for airplane and car rides. It is the perfect thing to carry on long rides.

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Decoration pillow from polyester.

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