Curtains and accessories for every taste, wide range of products and sample curtains to give ideas.

Curtains and accessories 

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Aluminium Curtain rods
Different size and shape of curtain rods.
Metal and plastic clips.
Sample curtains

Some samples from the many curtains we can create. These are just to give ideas and show the styles, if you are interested please contact us for further information.

Cafe collection
Cafe collection suited with all the accessory items need for the curtains.
Polyester Cronice

Cronices made from polyester in 3 different types.

We are able to sew curtains for order from the materials we are selling in our store, the price of sewing is 200 Ft/m. From our products we can offer wide range of  different materials and colors from which you can choose.For furthere information pease contact us, our colleagues will answer all the questions. There is a helpful drawing in fhe download...

200 Ft per m
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